24 Aug 2016

Smart Power Plan savings

Together with ZAP Concepts we optimized the power supply at DGTL Barcelona and saved tons on CO2 emission and diesel usage.

In the months leading up to the event we sat down with ZAP Concepts to set up a plan that would help us save even more CO2 and diesel than our first edition. The previous year we had te work with generators, but ZAP Concepts came up with a plan to only use LED for all the lighting installations which made it possible to let 90% of the total capacity run on the established power network. 
This led to the usage of only one generator at the festival as a back up. During the event ZAP Concepts also monitored the actual energy consumption to determine how much capacity can be added for upcoming editions, without risking the reliability of the power network. This way we can keep enhancing our power plan in the future. In addition to the previous, DGTL Barcelona also saved on transportation and on diesel as well.
With everything we learned this year, DGTL Barcelona will improve it’s power consumption every year and save more and more on CO2 emission and diesel usage.
Let’s start a Revolution!


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