2 Aug 2017

Pee recycling at DGTL Barcelona

The sustainability focus for this Barcelona edition is the recycling of urine phosphate to produce plant fertilizer. This has never been done in Spain on such a scale; the plan is to recycle 3000 liters of pee per day.

This project aims to communicate, in a surprising and fun manner, that there are ways to recycle that might be highly unusual, although very interesting and effective. DGTL will install special toilet cabins, which will provide information on ecological issues such as the nitrogen cycle, the phosphorus crisis and water scarcity.

All of the urine collected in these cabins instantly enters the recycling process and begins to produce phosphate, which is an excellent fertilizer for trees, plants, vegetables and fruit.

The LED panels installed on the sides of the toilet cabins show the usage count in real time as well as displaying a calculation of the amount of phosphate produced and the CO2 savings compared to conventional toilets. The integrated reactor transforms the urine into struvite, a phosphate-based fertilizer. Automated and easy to understand, this fertilizer recovery cycle is quite a spectacle. Once dry, the fertilizer is donated to local farmers.

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