21 Jan 2019

"Outstanding" award - At A Greener Festival Awards

Following Wednesdays award at The European Festival Awards, DGTL is now proud to announce that we have also received the “Outstanding” award at A Greener Festival Awards.

A Greener Festival is a non-profit organization that helps festivals and events around the world to reduce their environmental impact. Next to that, they also make independent assessments on the sustainability efforts of the festivals/events.


A Greener Festival Awards


The A Greener Festival Award has been a centerpiece in the movement of environmentally friendly music events. Their work includes contributions to special features in The Times, Independent and IQ magazine to name a few. They have also worked with International Live Music Conference, UK Festival Awards and the European Festival Organizers Association to promote best practices within the industry.


“A role model”


After a thorough assessment, visit on site and an analysis of DGTL’s sustainability efforts, A Greener Festival Award has given DGTL 4 stars which concludes DGTL as a winner of the “Outstanding Award”. This is the highest possible award within A Greener Festival Awards. All festivals are assessed in 11 main areas, including transport, waste, electricity, water and the local imprint. In terms of impact on the local community, DGTL scored 90%:


"The festival is seen as a role model for a Sustainable Amsterdam and promotes its findings nationwide and internationally."


DGTL also achieved a high score of 92% when it comes to energy consumption:


"The event is an outstanding example of how to manage and minimize."


In 2018 DGTL worked hard with its sustainability program. The ambition is to become the first ever circular, climate-neutral event in the world, completely waste and emission-free. DGTL want to show that you can implement circular systems on a larger scale, without affecting the quality or experience during the event. Various initiatives such as making the foodcourt meat free, using a hard-cup rotation system, sustainable merchandise, recycling the urine to make fertilizer and exchanging our waste plan for a raw materials plan, are just a few examples with which we have earned these recommendations.


Which parts has been assessed?

- Effect on local ecosystems

- Effect on local community

- Travel and transport

- Energy

- Purchase

- Waste & recycling

- Water use

- Waste water and sewerage

- Legal compliance & Management systems

- External reach & Behavior change

- CO2 analysis


Stichting Revolution, the driving force behind DGTL’s sustainability program is also responsible for many other events such as STRAF_WERK, By The Creek, Amsterdam Open Air and Valhalla. The program is an initiative by Apenkooi and will include all Apenkooi festivals where (1) conscious and circular dealing with scarce raw materials and (2) the minimization of CO2 emission issues are central. With its Revolution program, Apenkooi has the mission to become the most sustainable festival organizer in the world.


The "Outstanding" rating was the second award DGTL received last week for our sustainability efforts. Last Wednesday we were also awarded the “Green Operations Award” during the European Festival Awards. Read more here about the “Green Operations Award” here.


In coming weeks, DGTL will present its sustainability plan for 2019. Read more about DGTL’s sustainability efforts in 2018 here.

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