30 Jul 2016

Meeting DGTL Revolution Volunteers

We have meet up with 4 volunteers who have signed up for our DGTL Revolution campaign during DGTL Barcelona. We asked them a few questions to see who they are and why they signed up.

  • Why do you want to be part of the DGTL Revolution?

Kjell - DGTL Festival for me is a festival with an own identity and that is one of the reasons why I am visiting their events. Another reason is the exclusive line-up each year with the best DJ's out in the scene. The festival location is absolutely amazing.

Christina – I love electronic music and DGTL always has a great line up and location.

Tess – I think it’s the festival what inspires me the most. I love their innovations especially in the Revolution program. DGTL gives me the feeling that I’m part of something big when it comes to sustainability. 

Jeroen – I love the sensation of DGTL festival. It’s a perfect mix between a kind of ‘industrial’ feeling and the way of environmental thinking.


  • Besides making an effort at the DGTL revolution program, what do you do in your personal life with sustainability? 

Christina - I have chosen to follow a vegan diet in order to improve the climate change. I also only use bicycle and public transportation.

Jeroen - I am really aware when I am outside and I hate people who throw their garbage on the street. I use only my bike and public transport and I take short showers.

Tess - Besides being a student I have a part time job in a typical Dutch cafetaria where they all use and sell organic potatoes. Since I work here I became more aware of organic products and buy them too. I separate my garbage at home, try to use the bike as much as I can, eat less meat products and I try to shower only a few minutes.


  • What do you think about DGTL Revolution program?

Christina - I love that DGTL have chosen to focus so much on sustainability, innovation and that you have chosen to cut meat out of the entire festival! DGTL has taking the lead and I absolutely admire DGTL Revolution for that.

Kjell - I really like the DGTL Revolution program. It is very important, for everybody to be aware of the environment and the consequences of your actions for people and nature. In this case is it about the effects that the festival can have and I have seen that DGTL is very aware and that they are trying to becoming this more and more. DGTL and a couple of others are showing the less aware organizers how it should be! Imagine that in a couple years all the festivals will be green and aware, how amazing would that be.


  • What should be our next goal in our eyes?

Kjell - It is hard for me to describe a goal, but I think that DGTL should continue with profiling themselves as a green and aware festival. And keep going in what they do.

Tess – I think it’s really cool that visitors of DGTL festival becoming more aware of the Revolution program without really have to put a lot effort in. It’s kind of goes with the flow because everyone is doing it. I think a cool idea would be if visitors bring all kinds of old stuff to the festival and during the festival a big art project would be made. From the stuff what you won’t use at home, creating something new.


  • Why do you think people should sign up for the DGTL Revolution program?

Christina - It is a great way to take part in a sustainable program while enjoying great music and meeting like-minded people.

Jeroen - Together we can create a revolution and make this world a clean place to life.

Tess – Because we all live on this beautiful planet with all the freedom, peace and happiness. And we have to give this to the next generation and show them how to be aware of use of our nature.


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