30 Jul 2018

Last important info for the festival

Just a few more days left until we'll meet again at Parc del Fòrum! To get ready for both festival days, we have set up a checklist with all last important information.

This year's checklist:

- There will be tickets available at the door. Make sure you come early to avoid queues.

- No large backpacks are allowed on the festival. Access will not be granted with backpacks larger than A-4 size. There will be a wardrobe - 2€ - before the entrance to leave your backpack.

- Lockers will be available and will cost 5 euros. Keep in mind that these lockers are small. Only small belongings, like a tote bag or a jacket will fit.

- You can charge your phone for 3 euros, we will have special lockers for that, which you can use for one hour.

- Lost something? We publish all found items online via iLost. Lost & found items can be picked up at the festival itself - at the lost&found point - or afterwards. If you're picking up your belongings afterwards you can do the following:

*You can pick up your lost items of Friday on Saturday at the entrance area.

*You can pick up your lost items of Saturday on Sunday's DGTL x Brunch, at the entrance area.

*If you haven't picked up any belongins on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you have the chance to pick them up at our office. Send us a message or email to access@dgtl.es for the details. All found belongings will be available for two weeks, after that they will be handed over to the police. 

- There will be a deposit of 1 euro on cups and bottles. 

- DGTL is cashless, so you pay by card (debit or credit) at the bars. There is possibility, however, to pay in cash. There are 2 top-up stations on the festival site where you can exchange your cash for a DGTL card to pay with. Bear in mind that no refunds will be made of unspent money at your card, so be you sure you calculate in advance. 

- After both festival days there will be an official afterparty at Nitsa Club.

- We have 12 busses driving on Friday and Saturday from 1.30 am till 4.30 am. They will drive to PL.DRASSANES, in the city centre, where also the afterparty is. It costs 2 euros. Check our floorplan to see the location of the busses.

- We are not allowed to sell cigarettes at the festival, so make sure you have enough with you.

- Your name doesn't have to be registered to your ticket. 

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