18 Aug 2019

Introducing our full art & sustainability program

Smart energy plan, 100% plastic bottle free, eco-toilettes, art installations and more

As you know, art and sustainability are two key elements of our festival’s DNA. Each year we try to bring you astonishing digital art installations, while taking further steps to reduce our environmental impact and pave the way to being a 100% circular festival in the near future. This year is no exception: we present to you our full art & sustainability program for the fifth anniversary of DGTL Barcelona! 




Smart energy plan 

Last year we became the world’s first large outdoor festival to run 100% out of city grid energy and 2019 will be no different. By using only city grid energy (that means 0 generators) we save up to 12,750l. of fuel, the equivalent of 133 round trips by car from Barcelona to Paris! 



A plastic-bottle-free festival 

We are waving plastic bottles goodbye. And for a good reason. Last year we rose awareness on the dangers that plastic pollution posed for the entire planet. In collaboration with Ocean52, we will be serving canned water on our bars.


Bring your own cup

For this edition, you will also be able to bring your own cup (Re-Cup only) from any other event, we’ll exchange it for a clean, new DGTL one with any order you place at the bar. If you can’t bring your own cup to the festival, you can buy one for €1 at the bars. There won’t be any refund on the cups, so at the end of the festival you can take your DGTL cup home with you.



We strongly believe in re-thinking the narrative when it comes to waste. Visitors coming to this edition will be able to experience our brand-new eco-toilettes: cleaner, odour-free, with no chemicals involved and perfect for the environment, for all that goes into them is later on turned into nutritious compost to enrich the soil.  


Bike your way to DGTL Barcelona 

We teamed up with Baja bikes to offer our visitors the possibility of accessing important discounts for bike rentals, so you can arrive to the fun in the most fast and eco-friendly way. Grab your bike at Baja Bikes with a 40% discount showing your DGTL ticket and park it right in front of the venue, we have a free area with its own security prepared for this. 


Revamped veggie food court 

Those who visited DGTL in the past know that we strive to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions year after year. Did you know the meat industry accounts for nearly 18% of total carbon emission worldwide? Skipping meat every now and then really makes an impact. This year, you’ll find all new food stands, with delicious meat alternatives for you to try.  


Playmodes & TicketSwap’s Cyclo

Playmodes has been displaying their interactive (and ever-peculiar) creations at DGTL for several editions now, but this year they really outdone themselves. Introducing Cyclo: a whole new immersive experience in which our visitors will be able to surround themselves in a unique light and 3D-sound experience. 



Palnoise’s Todülar

Our second art installation for this year will also be easily labeled as eye-candy by our visitors. Several modular-inspired totems will be emplaced at the venue, with specially-designed mapping projected onto its geometrical textures. Hypnotic patterns, minimalistic sequences, order & chaos: nothing but a few words unable to describe what you’ll witness on our grounds.

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