11 Aug 2018

Interview with Perel

We had a chat with Perel about her music and what to expect on DGTL Barcelona 2018. She will be playing at the Modular stage from 18:00 - 19:00.

C: So, about the spiritual stuff… What is it you believe in?

P: For me it’s not necessarily ‘spiritual believes’- I’m currently reading a book about  “source field investigations” about alternative science and basically reporting on experiments and things about the universe. These kind of books were or are not really accessible to the general public unless you search for them… The stuff I’m reading here for example is what I believe in and this is why it’s not really spiritual; to a lot of people it sounds like spiritual, because it hasn’t been proven to them but it actually might as well be fact…

C: Is it more like a conspiracy?

P: Not even a conspiracy. The world is much bigger than the ‘knowledge’ we have as of yet… We just get everything through a filter; however there’s much more out there. We only get a super tiny amount of it and this is what we would call ‘knowledge’ while there’s so much more going on. You cannot know anything for sure, so that’s why such a filter is still needed.

C: Do you think that the stuff that’s actually being communicated is more positive or more negative than it really is? 

P: No, what is being communicated are just the things that are most interesting for the industry, where people can get the most money out of it in the end. 

C: True. That makes sense for sure. Sorry, I would love to dig deep into this but…

P: The thing is when you get deeper into physics; there are proofs for everything. Even for something like love. And then people would say it is ‘super spiritual’, but in the end you can prove it with numbers you know? It’s so interesting! People can call me spiritual of course, but in the end I would say I’m just super interested in what’s going on out there. 

C: You also like aliens I heard? 

P: Of course, I love them! One of my favorite subjects. 

C: But, what would an alien look like to you? Is it like the guy with the big head and the big eyes or…

P: There are millions of other creations out there. Some look like us, others look totally different, some have different colors… You can’t really say “Hey, that’s the alien”.

C: Don’t you think they would want to kill us? 

P: No, not at all. I really don’t understand why some people think that.

C: How do you think the world would look in about 50 years from now?

P: I think there’s already so much happening. If you have a look at the last 100 years and see how much technology has changed, this is just absolutely crazy! Imagine that 20 years ago we didn’t even have the Internet, and now it’s a major part of our lives.  


P: I actually like that I get to see a bit more of Amsterdam now, it’s only my third time here.

C: What’s your favorite thing about Amsterdam? 

P: I think I haven’t found it yet. It’s just the vibe that I like, the houses and everything you know? You get an impression and you like it, but then you can’t really say what’s the best. For this I first need to spend more time here I guess…

C: So, you just did a remix for Pin Up Club, do you see some kind of similarity between your music and their music? 

P: I think we both have some sort of love for melodies and certain sounds.


C: I know you also perform live, how did this come about? 

P: I play live quite often indeed. I’m actually coming from a live band, so I grew up with Rock ‘n’ Roll and then it just became more and more electronic. Now, with my new LP, I have even more reason to perform live. My big dream is to really perform my music in such a way, like LCD Soundsystem, with an actual band, and a drummer. Because all my music is a combination of drum machines and real drums. Sometimes this makes it hard to play in a club, therefor I’m mostly focusing on vocals and synthesizer sounds.

C: And what are you going to do during DGTL Barcelona? 

P: It’s a live set. I’m bringing my Korg Monologue synthesizer, some effects and I will be singing. When first doing this I wasn’t sure how to do it. You see all these nerdy guys playing with their gear, and I have to do this while singing. Now I’m doing something that might be much more ‘live’ than any other live-sets in a club. 

C: Right now you only sing in German, is this going to change now because of your international success? 

P: Actually, a friend of mine from Red Axes asked if I would like to sing in English for them. I thought about it and I would only do it for friends like him. 

C: You should come to DGTL Tel Aviv then, if you are such good friends with the guys from Red Axes!

P: Haha, yes that would be fun. I think Red Axes and I should have a show together - that would be amazing!


C: Have you ever been to Barcelona as well?

P: Yes, for sure!

C: If you have to choose: Barcelona or Amsterdam?

P: It’s hard to say. Each city has something special so you can’t really say which is better, it really depends on my mood. Currently I’m living in Berlin.

C: Are you planning to stay in Berlin forever or would you go somewhere else at some point? Would you see your self living in Amsterdam for example?

P: Maybe one day, why not. Right now I also have two cats and when I’m away my roommate is taking care of them, but when I would move away I would have to consider how to do this. Right now I’m travelling so much that I don’t miss living in another city. I’m considering to go to New York for the making of my new LP though. 

C: What is it that you like about vintage clothing?

P: I guess the way it looks. All the clothes you find in a normal shop are more or less the same, but somehow vintage clothing always looks quite different. It’s easier to find unique pieces. 

C: And is it also a certain style that you like? The 80’s for example.

P: I’m really into the 80’s because it’s so different. The early 80’s stuff is already so different from the late 80’s. Also I’m into the 70’s stuff and the early 90’s, because mostly they have so many nice patterns and colors. 

C: Do you have other hobbies as well? I heard you read a lot, how many hours a week do you spend reading?

P: It depends, I mostly read before going to sleep. Also just watching movies is something I like to do.

C: Is music still a hobby for you or is that now just a profession?

P: For me it’s a hobby to jam around and to take my time. To just sit by myself and make music.

C: Are you able to stay more than a day in 1 city, in Barcelona for example?

P: Most of the time it is just 1 day because of the busy touring schedule, sometimes it’s 2 days as well, but not quite often. There aren’t a lot of promoters willing to pay for a 2-day stay, unless they know me personally and want me to stay, but this is very rare. Also I’ve been touring constantly since February, so it’s nice to get home again. 

C: When was the point where you thought: “Okay, I made it”? Was there any moment like this at all.

P: To be honest, this was a process that didn’t really come all of a sudden, it was a much longer process than it might seem. Signing to DFA Records was definitely a special moment for me though. I have been a professional DJ for a much longer time; doing pretty big shows, signed to a pretty big agency, and so on. But at some point it started to get more international and a lot of dreams were starting to become true. Playing Berghain the first time for instance is a good example of this. However I have never had a point where I thought “I made it”, because it sounds like then you’re done and you don’t have any more goals to reach, for me it’s just the beginning. 

C: What would be another goal after this?

P: Another LP at DFA Records. But also touring with Innervisions, and Life and Death is great right as well, they’re like friends now. 

C: To close things of, some quick questions: What book should everyone read?

P: The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock of course!

C: And which movie?

P: Oh god, there are a lot of movies that I really like. Uhm… I think there’s a nice one called Eagle vs Shark, it’s a super funny alternative movie from New Zealand. I believe it’s a couple of years old, but still it is stuck in my head. 

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