1 Aug 2016


During this year DGTL BCN will collaborate with agro-ecological farm, Kosturica. 

Kosturica is a agro-ecological farm located 30 minutes away from Barcelona. We have chosen for this collaboration because it fits perfectly with our Revolution goals. The foundation for this year's Revolutuion efforts is of course the fact that it's meatfree. From the visitors to the artists, literally everybody will be sticking their teeth into a variety of delicious veggie alternatives during the two-day span of the festival. Kosturica will have its own stand, the GreenHouse, where they will provide 75% of all used veggies for all the caterers during DGTL Barcelona.

By being meatfree during the festival, we can save up to 53.000 kg/CO2 (non-bio), 14 million liters/water and 21.000 kg/forage. That’s equal to almost 350 return flights from Amsterdam-Paris.


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