2 Jul 2019

Full travel & stay guide

Plane, train, bus, bike, accommodation: all the info

At DGTL Barcelona, we are more than proud to welcome thousands of visitors coming from all corners of the world. Many of you come from another neighborhood, another city or another country. And, because you’ll agree with us that there’s nothing better than the advice of the locals, our Barcelona team has carefully compiled all necessary info for those of you coming from abroad. 

We’ve created this article for you to know exactly how to get to DGTL Barcelona and where to stay during the weekend. You will find links and key information for each kind of transportation (train, bus, biking from the city centre, etc) as well as the possibility of easily booking your full room or bed at the DGTL Hostel within this same article. Shall we get started?


How to get to DGTL Barcelona: 


- Come to DGTL Barcelona by bus from France and Valencia -


One of the most sustainable (and budget-friendly) ways of travelling long-distance to DGTL Barcelona is by bus. We partnered up with Busup to solve your transportation needs from the following cities: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon and Valencia. You can book your ticket through our partner Festicket via the following links or through the integrated platform we included at the end of this article:

If you're coming from France, click here 

If you're coming from Valencia, click here 


- Come to DGTL Barcelona by plane - 

When it comes to plane trips, it’s a well-known fact that anticipation is your best ally. We’ve selected the best flight offers from cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam and Milan.


* From Paris, a round trip is around 175€. You can check available flight options here

* From Amsterdam, a round trip is around 205€. You can check available flight options here

* From London, a round trip is around 212€. You can check available flight options here

* From Milan, a round trip is around 160€. You can check available flight options here 


- Come to DGTL Barcelona by train - 

For those of you heading to Barcelona from different cities within Spain, we checked the most updated prices for train tickets. You can book your trip via Renfe's official website, right here.


* Madrid: round trip is around 140€.

* Valencia: round trip is around 70€.

* Sevilla: round trip is around 120€. 

* Zaragoza: round trip is around 110€. 

* Málaga: round trip is around 130€. 


- Come to DGTL Barcelona in the most sustainable way: riding a bike -

Partnering up with Baja Bikes, this year we offer our visitors the possibility of accessing important discounts for bike rentals, so you can arrive to the venue in the most fast and eco-friendly way.

* 40% discount for DGTL visitors by showing your ticket

* Day rental: 7,50€ 

* Pick-up point: Baja Bikes - Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 106, 08001 Barcelona.

* Exclusive bicycle parking in front of our doors: free, with its own security and right in front of the fun. You can check further info right here


In just 20 minutes, you can bike your way through the pick-up point in Baja Bikes Jaume to DGTL Barcelona through one of the most charming and iconic routes of the city: bording the Barceloneta beach and the Olympic Port.

Baja Bikes will charge a 100€ deposit for the bike, to be fully reimbursed upon returnal. 

Help us keep Barcelona as one of the most sustainable cities in the Mediterranean!  


- Other means of transport -

If you want to know how to get tot he venue within city limits (train, car, metro or from the airport) you can follow this link, where you'll find all the information. 


Where to stay during DGTL Barcelona: 

In partnership with Unite Hostel, this year we'll be inaugurating the DGTL Hostel, so you can recharge your batteries in the most comfortable and environmentally-friendly way. You can book your bed or full room (from just 47,5€ per night) right below: 


Once inside the venue, don't worry, we'll take care of creating the most unforgettable experience for you! 

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