27 Jul 2017

DGTL unveils its DGTL Art program

In addition to music, technology and sustainability –through the Revolution Program–, DGTL also aims to track and disseminate today’s most relevant cultural and artistic projects. This year, DGTL Barcelona will offer a wide variety of performances and conceptual art installations in a first-rate integral program.

Just like in previous editions, the DGTL Art program will be based on the sustainability of the projects presented, the degree of participation and interaction of users with the installations and the level of complexity and authenticity. Highlights include artist Muti Randolph's impressive Supergrid installation, which will be premiered in Europe at the festival. Also, the locals Playmodes, a reference in visual arts in the city, will be coming back and the collaboration of the studios Palnoise and Volumetricks will be presented.  

Muti Randolph - Supergrid

Muti Randolph studied Visual Communications and Industrial Design at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, where he lives. As one of the pioneers in computer art in Brazil, he has been shifting from virtual 3D to real 3D spaces by creating sets, installations and interior architecture projects.


At DGTL Barcelona he will create, for the first time in Europe, Supergrid, an installation in which he plays with overlapping effects on partially transparent panels, using a software specially created for this project. His idea is to observe the relationships between lines that overlap in space. In a corridor, the images will be generated in real time. As people walk, the overlaps will change, providing a different and continuous experience.

Playmodes - Crossing Lines

Playmodes will present ‘Crossing Lines’, an immersive light and sound installation. Using LED tubes placed inside 4 cargo containers, they will create an abstract space, a labyrinth of light that visitors can explore and enjoy. Audiovisual content for the installation is made in real time using self-made generative software tools. Since both sound and light will be generated live, no content will be repeated while the installation is active.

‘Crossing Lines’ tries to create a dreamlike space, an atmosphere of abstract geometry and sound in which the changes of perspective build the illusion of traveling, taking visitors through an immersive and futuristic journey.

Palnoise & Volumetricks - Icosahedricks

Visual studios Palnoise and Volumetricks will create a 3D geometric LED installation with a 20-sided body. It is a project entirely made with a 3D printer and LED bars. An exclusive creation in which the modular form of the volumetric lights embodies an elegant and totally surprising creative atmosphere. This will be the first time the installation is shown in Barcelona.

Monica Rikic& Marta Verde - Oscilightor

Participants will see the frequencies they give off in relation to each other, as well as to space and time. This is a unique experience provided by a large format interactive installation that, with harmonious light, draws the relationship between two people when balancing their bodies on connected pendular swings. The effect is like that of a harmonograph, a machine that was popular in the 19th century and which produced beautiful, hypnotic graphics by mapping the relationship between two oscillating pendulums.

(The photograph is not representative of the project, since the installation will be created from scratch for DGTL)

Infinity Experience

The immersive Infinity installation represents the entrance to a new world in which visitors will be alone with dozens of reflections of themselves. Every person's image will be distorted and sent to a world in which they can let themselves go by moving, dancing and exploring this unique project called Infinity.

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