31 Aug 2016

DGTL presents new aftermovie for Barcelona festival 2016: FREQUENCY

We just released the after movie of DGTL Barcelona Festival. Following this year’s main themes, communication and progression, the visual short film addresses frequency in relation to the city and the festival. The film portrays the Catalan capital’s constant dynamic through a collage of images and sound which together make up the rhythm of the city. 

Last year the common thread in the DGTL Barcelona Festival after movie GRID was based on the overarching energy theme LOOP. Here, Barcelona’s static and sharp architectural lines laid the subtle foundation for the films ‘interconnected grid’. This year the DGTL Barcelona after movie focuses on FREQUENCY, a concept at the heart of radio, sound and communication. But the frequencies in this film are also found in lights, the streets, our conception of time and our daily rhythms. Since the very thing that makes up our world, atoms, are in essence very tiny vibrations, everything around us is always in motion: Frequencies are everywhere. 

This idea inspired us to let our latest after movie revolve around Barcelona as a city of continuous vibration, where every street and traffic scene is a frequency in itself, pulsating every second of the day. Through this philosophy, then, we can start to see that DGTL Festival is a convergence of many independent frequencies as well. From the music playing through the speaker systems and the thousands of moving bodies, to the many frequencies of lights illuminating the festival by night. 

Next year we will return to the historic city of Barcelona for another unforgettable festival experience. Pre-register here to be assured of an early ticket.


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