Cultural and artistic projects play an important role in DGTL’s identity. We curate a wide variety of conceptual art performances and installations to engage our visitors.

From industrial to modular to recycled, the art at DGTL is an integral part of the overall concept: an unparalleled festival experience from which people can derive something extra. A feeling, a revelation, an idea, an inspiration.  

Here is a selection of projects that have been showcased at DGTL Festivals:


Boris Acket, Nick Verstand, Bob Roijen & Poul Holleman - SKYLINE ||

with guest performances by Dax J, Colin Benders, & Oceanic

DGTL Amsterdam 2019


Nicolas Bernier - Frequencies

DGTL Amsterdam 2018



Muti Randolph - Supergrid

DGTL São Paulo 2017



Mr June & Blauwe Uur - Container Gate

DGTL Amsterdam 2018



Boris Acket, Nick Verstand & Bob Roijen - Skyline

DGTL Amsterdam 2018, DGTL Barcelona 2018



Playmodes - Cluster

DGTL Barcelona 2018



    Group 2